Notes from six months

IMG_4354Even though I think we might be closer to the 7-month mark than the six, I figured that a new mantra of mine will eventually become “better late than never!” so I could, ironically, start on that way of thinking early.

Since my last post, we have:

  • Learned to sit up. More accurately, Connor learned to sit up. I had personally mastered sitting up at least a few weeks prior, but apparently I have become one of those people who inexplicably say “we” instead of “the baby” or “Connor.” “We” are teething. “We” will finish our cherry and apple purée in the next few minutes. “We” are tired and need a nap (okay, bad example on that last one. Usually the “we” there is horrifyingly accurate).
  • Moved from Charlotte to Chicago

…and I feel like that has taken up most of my energy/time/life source. Wee Connor’s sitting up unassisted means that actual mobility is not far off on the horizon. Lord help us all on that day.

While needing fairly substantial outerwear into the month of May is sort of a bummer, Chicago has been incredible to us thus far. My husband and I had almost forgotten what it was like to be able to have a choice of 10+ Banh Mi restaurants delivered to our front door (let alone being able obtain Banh Mi in the first place). We walk everywhere or take public transportation. We haven’t even re-installed the carseat into the car because we never need to drive. It’s heaven for us. Realistically, we just plain missed living in a big city. We love it, and the fact that this city we have chosen to nest in is filled with Midwesterners brimming with authentic Midwestern kindness is just gravy on top of the cheese curds.

While enjoying our new life changes, I have somehow managed to pull together enough brain cells on the past month(ish). I still can’t believe the little one is half a year old. Maybe one of these days I’ll wake up and realize I know what I’m doing. Ha! As if.

So here we go. Six months down…a lifetime to go.

Protip: don’t move with a 6-month old

IMG_4322I guess sometimes you do what you have to do. Moving with a 6-month-old was one of those things. While we are pretty much obsessed with our new city, apartment, and lot in life, I can’t say that moving with a baby would fall into the category of “best things ever.”

Here is a list of things I have learned:

  1. Outsource everything you possibly can outsource. We hired movers, of course, but our movers actually packed for us. What would have taken me a month to pack in between bouts of taking care of the baby and me generally being curmudgeonly about packing and going, “Why do we have so much crap?!” repeatedly it took them a matter of hours. We sorted through our stuff on the back end, thinking that if we had to find a spot for everything it would make us really think about if we needed it or not. It worked. I regret nothing.
  2. Things will not go to plan, and that’s okay. We had an apartment lined up and ready to go. This apartment was then pulled out from under us a week before move-in due to the owners deciding to sell the place. (Angry fists shaking in the air! Still!) I then had to hop on a plane to Chicago (again), find an apartment, stay in a hotel, etc. etc. etc. What this translated to was a better apartment than before (yay!) but also a sick baby who suddenly forgot how to sleep through the night. We still have not recovered the latter skill (boooooooo). I figure all will work out and life hiccups will eventually go away. All I need to do is figure out a life equivalent of drinking a glass of water from the back upside down while humming “America the Beautiful.”
  3. It’s okay to take a break. All our boxes still aren’t unpacked. On the other hand, we’ve seen some great friends, gone to a Cubs game, had some of the best brunches I can remember, and re-explored the city we fell in love with three years ago. And I’m okay with all of that, even if it means a few boxes are still left, the house isn’t straightened up, and none of our pictures are hung on the walls.

I have a new theory on yoga

See? Cobra.

See? Cobra.

After observing my baby for six months now, it has become clear to me that yoga was obviously invented by people trying to imitate babies and toddlers. Every time a baby moves, it’s a perfect yoga position.

How did I not see this before?

I haven’t been to yoga in approximately fartoolong, but I am insanely jealous of Connor’s ability to contort himself into perfect form. Who knew that all it took to master yoga were not fully-connected joints? Everyone? Everyone knew that? Oh. Well then. I see.


IMG_4355Exclamation points! Feeding Connor has been something I had been looking forward to pretty much since he was born. I have been making all of his food from scratch and watching him explore new foods is one of my great joys in life.

I must expand on this in a later post. But seriously. It’s so much fun.

Teething. Ohmygod. Teething.

I’ll say it. I’ll say it right now. Teething. Sucks.

I know a lot of parents with babies on the other side of teething who have said some variation of this to me:

“Oh, teething? I mean, I just remember one day it sort of just happened. He didn’t really get fussy or seem out of sorts or anything. He just woke up one day and had teeth!”

better call saul frustratedWell, parents of magical babies, do I have a limited*, one-time**, special*** offer**** for you, since you clearly missed out on a parenting experience: you may babysit my teething baby. Yes, that’s right! You, too, can now know what it’s like to have a baby who is extremely fussy, drooly, cry-y (it’s a word, dangit!), and for whom you can do nothing to help! Now you can’t act like I’ve never given you anything when this is the opportunity of a lifetime I have here for you.

Wee Connor still has his most adorable gummy smile to show for what has seemed like a month of teething symptoms and that is my one consolation in this extravaganza because it is so adorable. The rest, though? Not adorable. And yes, I know, every human goes through this. And gets through it to boot. It doesn’t make it any more fun, though.

Any day now.

Really, any day.

It just keeps getting better

tay facebook profileEvery time I post something or look at the baby I think, “nope, this is it. This is the most fun it’s going to be. This is the cutest he’s going to get. Stop growing now, boy. Because this is where I want you to stop.” And then a few weeks later I do the same thing. Because, as strange and sappy as it is to say, it does just keep getting better.

This parenting thing?

Totally worth it.

*Not limited

**Not one-time

***Special meaning “the worst

****Not so much an “offer” but more of a “beg”