To my sweet home…

About two years ago my husband and I packed up our apartment on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago after my husband finished his Tax LL.M. at Northwestern and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina.


We made (and reconnected with!) some amazing friends while in North Carolina. We had a baby. Our life marched on as life always does.

Only, there was this one thing that nagged at us.

When we were honest with ourselves, we had left our hearts in that city on the lake.

blues_sunglasses off

Sure, the politics are crooked and the winters are long. And yes, there are parts of Chicago that are unimaginably dangerous and horrific (though the parts that aren’t are incredibly safe). But the thing is, it’s a beautiful, amazing city. The street festivals, farmers markets, Midwestern kindness, public transportation, sports, museums, arts, walkability, parks, restaurants, and vibrancy of the city stuck with us in a way that was simply unshakable.

ferris_art institute

And then, after two years in Charlotte…Chris found a job doing exactly the type of work he wanted to be doing in Chicago. We talked it over and realized it is just too perfect to pass up.

Which is why…

…I am here to announce…



Wait, what?! Yup, you read that right, folks. Charlotte has been great, but Chicago is where are our hearts lie. Chris starts his new job on April 20th, which means that we will be moving in the next few weeks into the city. Whenever I Google, “how to move with a 6-month-old” the general answer tends to be something along the lines of, “don’t” but we are forging ahead. This past week I went up with the little one (by myself, self fist-bump) to find an apartment, and I did! Wicker Park, here we come.

So…we’re doing it. Into the deep end we go!

ferris_deep end

Thank you, Charlotte, for the memories. Chicago, we will be seeing you soon.

blues_miles to chicago

Hit it.

2 thoughts on “To my sweet home…

  1. !!!!! Visiting you and your spawn when I’m in in town for the Virginia Tech-Purdue/Cardinals-Cubs weekend this fall!

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