How to buy art with spitup in your hair

This post is sponsored by However, I am a truly obsessive avid fan and all words and opinions are my own. 

I wish I could pretend I was a confidant art buyer before Wee Connor was born. I imagine myself going to gallery crawls and sipping delicious cocktails made by “artisan mixologists” while schmoozing with the local artists and finding that one perfect piece to complete my perfect growing gallery wall.

minted spiral artHowever, that image of myself simply was not – nor probably ever will be – in my reality of existence. The thing is, though, I love art. A lot. I seem to have always lacked that ability to confidently “like what I like” and understand a lot of what I was seeing while still being able to understand how things would look in certain frames in certain areas of my walls while trying to purchase art in person. Also, wherever these schmoozy artsy gallery crawls take place is apparently not the Internet, which means some sort of “shower” is usually a socially acceptable norm as a requirement of attendance. My dreams of having an beautifully curated house full of art I actually like and could judge on my own while not having to leave the house were dashed.

…until I discovered

Have you been? Have you? Go now. I’ll wait.

Are you back? Only two hours later? I’m impressed.

minted heart essentially has been the answer to my prayers in many ways. First, I can sit and look at while Wee Connor takes a nap and I have decided that I’m okay sitting around with some spitup in my hair for the time being. Second, the stuff is so cool. You can find something for any style, and sort by whatever you like – color, theme, room, shape. Finally, it’s all actual artists from around the world whose work has been selected by, so you can actually see who these artists are, where they’re from, and other works of theirs. So what I’m saying is: brings the artsy schmoozy gallery to YOU. And you don’t even have to get out of your yoga pants or get the spitup out of your hair! Go ahead and pour yourself a glass of wine (or a cocktail if you fancy yourself a “mixologist”) and sit on down and peruse in a judgment-free art gawking session.

And, even better, they have gorgeous customized art, too, in case you’re looking for something to complete the nursery or walls when your kids get a little older, or put a bunch of your wedding or engagement pictures or pictures of your cat into a cute collage. A lot of the customized “nursery art” I would gladly have above my bed.

minted save the dateAnd because their art stuff isn’t cool enough, also has great stationery and card collections, including their recently-launched Save the Date collection. Their Save the Dates can have pictures, art, different shapes, and anything you could possibly ever want. These artists who contribute to making these stationeries are so talented and beyond my comprehension that they could make something so beautiful.

So if you’re at all like me and have had one of those moments where you walk into your closet and suddenly hate everything you own, only to have that happen to your decorations in your house? Try I have never been disappointed in anything I have ever ordered and while I do try to appreciate the abstract art of spitup patterns, sometimes having something else to look at that can be classified as actual, you know, art, can be nice, too.

And that’s how you buy art with spitup in your hair.

minted greatest adventure minted tangerineminted know not may be comingminted mid century moments

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