The nursery is done. Let’s do this.

Eight and a half months.

Eight. And a half. Months.

Everyone told me I would “hit the wall” where the only thing I would want is to have the watermelon growing inside of me no longer growing inside of me. The fact that I think I hit that point around month 6 is no matter. I have really, for really really really real hit that wall. And then I think I put my car in reverse, then in drive again, and then hit that wall. Again.

TLH and I had two separate requirements for me to go into labor. He wanted for his parents to return back from the UK and be on the same continent as Wee Connor, and I wanted the dang curtains hung once and for all in the nursery.

Luckily, both have occurred, and so now it’s go time…I hope.

A few of my friends have asked for pictures of the nursery and so I wanted to give a tour of how Wee Connor’s nursery finally turned out. We are extremely lucky to have such a huge room (with a walk-in closet!) for the room in our apartment with great light. When people asked what the “theme” of the nursery was it tended to throw me into a classic “I’m a terrible mother who can’t even have a theme for the nursery” mental ineptitude shame spiral. I suppose what I went for was “a peaceful adventure. With maps.” I love the way it turned out, even if there is no cohesive “theme” to it. I can’t believe it’s actually (as much as it’s going to get) done. Let’s get that baby in there now!

So here we go!

As an intro to the “map room” I actually crafted. I bought two prints of Italy, craft letters, and Mod Podge from Paper Source and crafted his initials. Here’s hoping we can actually take Wee Connor to the places on his initials!

door initials

I suppose the “crib side” is where the “adventure” portion really comes in. I am obsessed with the baby animal prints above the crib we received for our baby shower from my mom. Despite our attempts at minimalism / “less stuff is more” / we are zen with apartment and urban living, we have two bookshelves already for Wee Connor. What can I say? I hope Connor loves reading and books as much as his parents do!


Sources: Crib (Jenny Lind), Giraffe (Pottery Barn Kids), Infant bouncer seat (mamaRoo), Animal Prints (Restoration Hardware Baby&Child), Pillows (West Elm) 

Here’s a closeup of that corner. I liked the idea of having a bookshelf where Connor can see the covers of the books. The map print of Paris is from Paper Source (hint! Those weirdly-sized maps/prints on nice paper? IKEA’s stupidly weirdly-sized frames fit them!). Paris is one of the overseas adventures Connor has already been on, and so this print just makes me happy in so many ways.

Book corner

Sources: Bookshelf (Pottery Barn Kids), Print (Paper Source) 

The space between the doors right now has a great little cart from IKEA that I have a feeling we will find more uses than we ever could have imagined. I love this little cart. Right now it’s holding little toys and shoes (ohmygodhowaretheysosmall). The print we bought in London, but Paper Source carries the same one. London and Edinburgh was the other grand adventure we went on while I have been pregnant, so having both memorialized in maps on the wall makes me smile.

IKEA cart

Sources: Cart (IKEA), Print (Paper Source) 

My favorite wall in the entire room is opposite the crib. The glider is literally the single most comfortable chair I have ever sat in, which was important to me, as well as the fact that I don’t think it “looks like” a glider, but rather a chair. This makes it possible for it to sit in other rooms of the house later on, if we so wanted that to happen. That map makes me so happy to look at in so many ways: loving maps, TLH loving history (it’s an historical replica), a sense of being near the water despite living in sadly landlocked Charlotte. The dresser was my mom’s when she was a little girl, then mine when I was growing up. This area of the room fills me with an immense sense of peace and happiness, despite the soul-sucking horribleness of putting that map up (it’s all in the past!

Changing Wall

Sources: Glider (West Elm), Map (Pottery Barn – NOT PB Kids), Changing Table (Jenny Lind), Elephant Rocker – I am slightly obsessed with elephants, in case you can’t tell (PB Kids) 

The extra couch in the nursery was an unintended side effect of us never getting off our bums and getting rid of our old couch about a year ago when we got a new one. However, I have realized that having the space for it might just be a blessing in disguise, because it means that more than one person (be it fur person or furless person) can comfortably exist in the room at once for an extended period of time.

Having my little fur baby be comfortable and happy in the nursery was one of my biggest priorities, and I think he’s fitting in quite nicely. My hope is that if Brinkley knows he can always be a part of the room it will reduce jealousy of the human puppy, since he’s still very much a huge part of my life.

Couch shot

And have you heard the good news? Apparently babies sleeping on animal fur reduces asthma risks later in life! Now this is the kind of scientific news I can get behind, mostly because Wee Connor has no options otherwise.

cat on couch

And there you have it! Again, I guess I failed at the “theme” thing, but in the end I figure nurseries are kind of like wine: it’s all about what makes you happy and what you like.

Or maybe I just really want some wine after all of this.

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