Contagion: Pregnancy Symptoms

Here is what I knew about pregnancy/birthing from movies/sitcoms:

  1. Once you go into labor you will have the baby right there no matter where you are and your water will break on the most awkward person in the room
  2. Pregnancy symptoms are contagious

While clearly I have not experienced labor yet, I have been assured not just by friends who have successfully expelled children from their innards but by the birthing class instructor as well that the whole “going into labor and then having the baby exactly where you’re standing and then have to rush to the hospital/give birth in the vet’s office/every sitcom birth ever” doesn’t happen.

Apparently, though, the contagious pregnancy symptoms thing? Real. While my husband hasn’t gained any sympathy weight that I’ve noticed, this morning I opened the fridge to find a little surprise. Let me show you a picture of what I saw, but you have to promise not to judge me by the surrounding content of my refrigerator.

fridge ice cream

Do you see it? No? It might not be obvious. Let’s take a look again, with the pivotal piece made a little clearer.

fridge ice cream ice cream highlighted

There it was, a nearly full tub of Publix Premium (aka, the best) ice cream, sitting pretty on the second shelf of my fridge and not in its normally happy home of the freezer.

It’s official: TLH has contracted a pregnancy symptom: pregnancy brain.

It probably doesn’t help that I think he has had a lifetime, low-grade ongoing case of pregnancy brain, but lately it seems like it’s gotten much worse. This is especially concerning when I have real (justified) pregnancy brain, and neither of us can remember what we actually needed at Buy, Buy Baby once we step into the store, which, for the record, is the worst possible scenario at that particular establishment. Hypothetical, clearly.

While ice cream in the refrigerator is amusing right now, the one thing I will not abide by is if he ends up with “sympathy labor pains” during labor because only one of us is giving birth at that time and deserves sympathy, and here’s a hint who it is: the person in the room with a uterus. 

For the time being, though, thank goodness there’s less than a month left. I don’t know if our apartment could stand many more pregnancy symptoms as it is.

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