Have bump, will travel: to London we go!

Tomorrow marks 22 weeks of pregnancy (which is ~5.1 months pregnant) and my favorite Tax Lawyer Husband (TLH) and I are headed off to London!

TLH’s parents live about 60% of their time in London nowadays due to his mom’s career and after 2 years we are finally going across the pond on vacation to see them and the city. We depart Friday night from Charlotte, fly nonstop to London, and will leave the following Sunday back for Charlotte. Being back in a large, walkable city again will no doubt do incredible wonders for my psyche.

Some of my friends have asked me if I’m worried about travel while pregnant, or have said that they would never travel past a certain time in pregnancy (or at all!), but since I’m a generally healthy person and my doctor isn’t even the slightest bit worried, I’m going for it. If anything, taking a week off work and walking nonstop for 9 days will do me and the baby a world of good. In about 4 months I will never be able to travel as a non-parent again. Why not enjoy it? In late June I’m going down to Florida, in July to Austin, Texas, and in August I’m going to Belgium and Luxembourg and then to the DC area. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and traveling is one way to enjoy it to the fullest.

Apparently pregnancy is turning me a little Buddha-esque. I guess it makes sense with the belly.

I can’t spend 9 months sitting and worrying about everything that might go wrong. It’s just not in my blood.

So, with that being said, away we go! I’m packing my raincoat and an umbrella and plenty of room in my suitcase to buy adorable British clothes for the Woodlet. 9 days of uninterrupted, no-work-emails-under-any-circumstances, unadulterated awesomeness.

Do I really have to come back?

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