Thank-You Note: Charlotte, NC, License Plate Authority Office

The Charlotte License Plate Authority Office. This Google Maps Streetview actually makes it look SO much more pleasant than it actually is.

The Charlotte License Plate Authority Office. This Google Maps Streetview actually makes it look SO much more pleasant than it actually is.

To the Charlotte, NC, License Plate Authority Office: Thank You.

Thank you for only having one office for the entire city of Charlotte, the 16th largest city in America, with a population of approximately 800,000 people. Your commitment to bringing the city together is truly something to behold. And considering that Charlotte has been rated the least walkable city of the top 50 cities in America and thus a whopping 92% of your adult population has to use your services, this is an ESPECIALLY amazing feat.

Thank you for being located in an area of the city that is inconvenient to literally almost every resident in the city, unwalkable, and near NOTHING else, including public transportation. You stand as a monument to Charlotte‘s commitment to remain as unwalkable and as car-reliant as possible.

Thank you for only having three people working at a time when you are the ONLY location in Charlotte. You have reminded me that all my appointments and to-dos can be shifted dramatically. That perspective is important. I am especially sure the parents who have very small children are also grateful for being reminded they have nothing better to do all day than stand in line.

Which, speaking of…

Thank you for not having chairs. My pregnant back thanks you as well. People with disabilities must also laud your use of space, as must the parents who would love to be able to sit their children down with a coloring book or activity but are unable to do so, as the one bench you provide is for handicapped individuals only.

Thank you for not updating your website in the requirements for what you need to title your car and stating the office does not take credit cards. I enjoyed withdrawing an exorbitant amount of cash before arriving (due to my negligence in forgetting my checkbook, which I will take credit for). However, considering that the cost was literally over 3 times the amount I thought it would be to transfer my title over, your taking credit cards is appreciated. Estimating costs for this endeavor on your website would still be helpful.

Thank you for not taking appointments. I have noticed this trend in restaurants being “chic” and not taking reservations and I admire your keeping up with the trends. Bravo.

And, finally…

Thank you for relieving me of $500 to transfer my title from Florida on a 5-year-old Honda. That was exactly the amount I wanted to hear after standing in line for 2 hours. Considering your lack of employees, locations and amenities I can absolutely see where these exorbitant fees are going.

Love 4ever,

Motherhood What

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