All I needed was milk.

We ran out of milk. My mission was simple and direct.

Get milk.

I was also hungry.

There’s a moral here: never send a hungry, pregnant woman out to go get milk.

hungry grocery shoppingHere is what I came home with:

  • Milk (good. mission accomplished.)
  • TWO bags of steamable frozen sweet peas (why I needed two? I don’t know. Especially since we have a bunch of frozen vegetables in the freezer already.)
  • A pint of strawberries (there are clearly worse things to be eating.)
  • A bag of mini cinnamon raisin bagels (worse things like this.)
  • A bucket of sprinkle sugar cookies (why do they come in a BUCKET?! Publix at least has the decency to put them in a TRAY.)
  • A bag of Uncle Bens Long Grain and Wild Rice (WHAT?!?!)

All I needed was milk.

Never, ever, ever send a hungry pregnant woman to the store for milk.


2 thoughts on “All I needed was milk.

  1. I think the best part here is that none of these things actually goes together as a meal. Except maybe the cookies and milk. If you count that as a “meal,” I mean.

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