The stroller arrived! But…

Only I got it in navy.

After much deliberation and minor breakdowns trying to research strollers I decided on the UPPAbaby Vista! I added it to my registry and in a fit of “finally getting to buy something” my mom picked it up and sent it to us! Ohmygosh. It’s so beautiful.

I had a quick trip to Chicago and the night I got back at 9:20pm it had arrived just hours prior. Visions of quickly putting it together and wheeling my dog around in it were spinning through my head.

I guess it’s a lesson everyone has to learn this lesson at least once with anything to do with baby assembly: it will take 5 times as long and it will never go right.

We take out the bassinet, figure that out right away, easy peasy. It’s freaking adorable. I’m imagining putting my cat in it immediately upon sitting it on the frame (can you sense a pattern here?). We get the frame out, put the wheels on…and then try to snap the bassinet on. One side works, one doesn’t.


Then we take the normal seat out and same thing…the right side clip on the frame is just….defunct. You can clip anything into the left easy peasy, but the right? Nope. Nada. No dice.

Again, it’s a piece of advice I knew but I’ll say it again:

Never try to put anything together to do with the baby unless you have a leisurely 2 hours and it is within the working customer service hours of any manufacturer. Because then, and only then, will it take 20 minutes. 

I called UPPAbaby Customer Service the next day…and the woman was nice enough, said that they would immediately send a new frame and I would have to send the old frame back, once she registered the stroller with UPPAbaby for the warranty. So after sending her a proof of purchase (that I had to request from my mom), all the serial numbers, and my address/phone number…a new frame is on its way. Hopefully this one will work and I can continue my dream of strolling around my animals before the human puppy baby arrives.

While not anywhere near panic mode, it’s still a little disappointing. However, seeing as I’m going to get a new frame within a few days hopefully this is a rare glitch and not indicative of what’s to come.

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