Videos make me cry now.

I had glossed over this video that I had seen a lot of friends/colleagues/etc. post, thinking it was some sort of “Millenials are the WORST! Ha!” article, or career tips, or just another video that’s mediocre at best. When I actually watched it, I guess I understand why it took the Internet by storm.

The basics: a company posted a fake job listing in newspapers, ads, etc.: Director of Operations. Only 24 people applied, probably because in the job description were some key red flags, such as no vacation, 24-hour-a-day shift, understanding of finance, medicine, and culinary arts, constant crisis management, and the list went on.

The company then made this video of the applicant interviews (embedded below).

The pregnancy hormones kicked into overdrive and before I knew it, I was crying. Did you guess the end result? It took me about halfway through. (Article on Time Magazine as well.)

Disclaimer: please do not read that if you choose to not have children I think you are not hardworking or that your career is unrewarding, or anything like that. Let’s not start a war here. In my opinion, it should never be moms vs. non-moms, working moms vs. stay-at-home moms, or any iteration thereafter. It should be more along the lines of, “Hey, cool, you’re making your way in the world, and so am I! What can I learn from you?” instead of invective against life choices on the other “side.” But enough about world peace. There is more Internet to explore! If you don’t like this video, or feel that I have made an inadvertent political statement or started a war, I give you also this video of a dog magnificently missing its leap onto the couch. Enjoy.

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