Congrats! It’s a blue line! For Real!

The doctor found the exact same thing I did. A blue line. I am 4 weeks pregnant, and if my calculations are correct I’ll be due 10/10/14.

But those are details. The more important thing: I love my OB. No, seriously. I. LOVE. My OB.

Not only does she have my exact same sense of humor, she is a real person who has had three children of her own and is realistic. She performed my surgery during the last pregnancy and was more than supportive and helpful in everything I asked, no matter how stupid or how weird the questions. Nay, she encourages the stupid and weird questions. She spends time with me when I come to her.

And when I showed up, her reaction was just short of this.

She makes me SO excited to have a child. She explained all the tests, and since I am going to get a new test called the Panorama at 9-10 weeks that tells the sex of the baby, she’s going to hold the results until after the 12-13 week ultrasound and we know things are ok. (The 12-13 week ultrasound was when we last found out about the anencephaly last time.)

Anyhow, I love knowing that I’ve already found a doctor I love and know I can trust completely. My next appointment is in 2 weeks – or at 6 weeks pregnant. It’s earlier than most women will go in but apparently I now fall into the “high risk pregnancy” category no matter what. Once you have an abnormal pregnancy, it’ll be that way for life. So it goes.

Onward and upward!


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