Pregnancy – What?!

Tumblr post here.

Well, it turns out I’m the proud owner of a blue line. Or a plus sign. Or a pink line. Ok, ok, I am the proud owner all of the above.

I just took 4 pregnancy tests and they came back positive.

Why 4? I could say that I’m overly scientific and want to make sure that I’m actually pregnant and get multiple data sets, but the truth it, I’m just plain old neurotic and can’t believe it.

After losing a baby at week 13 to anencephaly in October (too horrible to imagine), we decided to take it easy. We had no thoughts of kids for at least 5 years before we got pregnant, but then accidentally got done knocked up while on the pill. Oops. And then once the horror and shock of that wore off, the idea of having a kid suddenly got stuck in our minds. We COULD do this?? Our parents AREN’T horrified and shocked that we’re teenagers having a child (what it felt like, despite being 27 years old, both gainfully employed in steady jobs, and with a 2-bedroom apartment in a safe neighborhood)?!

So there the idea stuck. A baby. So January, we said. It’ll just have to all get better in 2014 for us, and we’ll go off the pill again, just see what happens. It will probably be a year before anything happens!

More like a month. Literally, first try.

I will never, ever, ever be upset about this. I just want to say that right here, right now. We are so truly blessed to be able to conceive when so many struggle that I can’t ever be angry. Just shocked. Truly shocked.

Because I can’t “tell” anyone yet about the pregnancy other than the husband and the closest friends I have that would 100% notice when I refuse a glass of wine I decided to start a tumblr and blog to write down my thoughts, my journey, and my story.

So here we go world.

Pregnancy test is a go. And if you want to know what my face looked like after all four tests, it was literally, 100% this.

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